What is Beta Dropshipping?

With Beta dropshipping, you can sell products online to your customers without actually keeping them in stock.

We ship products to YOUR customers directly!

Easy to Start

Dropshipping is easy to start. All you need is a selling channel set up: your own website, Amazon or eBay seller account.

No Stock Required

You don't need to keep stock of any items you sell. You sell it, you buy it from us, we dispatch it on your behalf.

Delivered to your customers

Once you receive an order from your Customer, we will ship the goods directly to your customers with your name and brand.

What we provide


Product Images

You can download our images directly from our website here, or take your own!


Live Stock Feeds

Our stock is strictly and regularly updated - and we provide you with a live feed of this.


Product Specs

Upper, lining, insock, sole materials, heel height, fastening details...we provide you all the details you require to get going.


Packing & Shipping

We don't make any profit from shipping, so we always try to find the best deals and pass over this cost to you. We offer multiple services: next day delivery, two day delivery, and international.

Software Integration

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1. Is the dropshipping service on a separate application?

Yes, the dropshipping service is on a separate site. You would have to sign up to this service separate from the website.

2. What is the sign up process for dropshipping?

You fill in a sign up form, we give you a quick training on how our platform works, and from there you are free to list our products!

3. Where can I find the product details?

You can find all our product details, such as material breakdown, heel height, and packaging, on the individual product page on the website. In the description there’s a button called ‘Download Dropshipping Style Details’.

4. Can I use your photos?

Of course you can. You can also find these on the individual style’s product page on the website. In the description there’s a button called ‘Download Dropshipping Style Details’.

5. I’d like to take my own photos. Is that possible?

You’re welcome to do so. We can send a sample to you with a handling charge of £1 per pair, plus shipping. These samples will need to be returned within 2 weeks.

6. Will the customer know that the product was shipped by Beta Shoes?

No, there will be no mention of our company name on the label. Simply our return address. The packaging will also be plain.